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Nest Architects is an architectural design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. The studio is committed to creating architecture, interiors, furniture and design projects that start from ‘first principles’ and end at a place where both the client and architect can be proud.

Nest Architects does not necessarily have a discernible style. We don’t tend to favour the finished product of our work over the process that gets us there. Instead, we see the finished object, whether that is a cushion, a chair, a house or a café, as the end result of a rigorous and fun process of analysis and ‘gathering’.

For Nest, this process of arriving at a design is a journey that we take with our clients. Together, in a collaborative spirit, we try to identify as many of the elements as possible that will feed into the design. These often include the weather, orientation, history and sustainability, but just as important are the stories and memories we ask our clients to use to express their goals and aspirations. We see all these influences and elements as opportunities that help us create meaningful objects and spaces. This process is similar to the way a bird forages for and collects useful objects to construct a stable and safe nest that also fits beautifully into its environment.

That said, there are some common themes appearing throughout our projects. In particular, Nest strives for a home, workplace, bar, café, restaurant, or even a simple greenhouse, that has the feeling of being both connected to the outside world and also cocooned from it. The use of natural materials such as timber helps create warm and comfortable buildings and interiors that celebrate and reconnect us with the natural world. We try to design all our projects so that they immediately have a feeling of being a part of their urban or rural settings, a feeling of ‘always having been there’.

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Our clients

Our clients provide us with the inspiration, their vision and location. What we do is unpack their ideas, wants and needs and begin the design process from here. Often we will produce a design that encompasses the client’s ideas but may look and feel very different to what they had in mind.

In addition to our many private clients, we have also worked with:

  • City of Kingston
  • City of Melbourne
  • Gorman
  • Ormond College
  • Kerekere
  • Sony
  • Factory X
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Renegade Films
  • Readings Bookstore
  • The Jacky Winter Group
  • and others

It was very important that the architect we chose would “get us” and be able to translate what we wanted into reality. It was evident that Nest had a great empathy for what we were after. To sum it up simply – Nest had patience, empathy, flexibility, and never lost sight that we were the client.

Louise McIntosh

Client, Balwyn Rd house


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