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Design and Collaboration

Our clients are involved in every stage of the project because we understand that the project is not ours, that we are the tool to make it happen. We take inspiration from our clients so that the finished product is a reflection of them and a backdrop to their lives. Of course, we love the photos, awards and everything else that comes from a great project, but first and foremost come the aspirations of our clients.


The shape and quality of the outside of a building is a direct result of what’s happening inside the building.

Architectural elements such as windows, roof overhangs, wall heights and the articulation of the form are derived from how those elements influence the inside spaces.

Whether a room wants to be bright or dark, how a space integrates with the outside and whether rooms are private, public or a mixture of both, influence how a building looks from the outside.

Understanding the outside as an expression of the interior ensures that the look and feel of the building is connected and holistic as opposed to the outside being an arbitrary architectural gesture.   

We work with our client’s to ensure that the look and feel of the outside align with their personalities. For example, is the outside a simple form or is intricate and complex? Finally, we ask our client’s whether they are willing to undertake maintenance regimes, which in turn influences the material selection.



When designing interiors we ask our client’s what experiences the spaces want to facilitate. For example, how do the spaces want to function when you’re hosting a big dinner party or  a children’s birthday? What’s types of spaces do you want to be in when you’re alone, reading a book or having an intimate conversation?

Interior design is more than simply picking colours, materials and providing layout options. It involves understanding the type of experiences that our client’s want to happen and then designing the room’s atmosphere to allow for those experiences.

We also try and avoid simple open plan configurations. As walls and corners create intimate spaces that can be easily furnished.

On a pragmatic level, we work closely with our clients to coordinate every detail, material, fixture and colour. We also locate every power point, data point and all of the built-in appliances. By doing this we can ensure that the interiors are  consistent throughout the project



With every project, we won’t leave the design of the outdoor areas behind because the integration of the building and  the garden is an important and fun area to explore.

Where do bikes go, how do you eat in the shade, where can food be grown, where do kids play and how does a sandpit or a pool integrate with the rest of the outdoor area? The answers to these questions form an integral part of the design process.

When designing a project, it is also really important to ask what qualities and atmospheres the outdoor areas want to be imbued with. Thinking of outdoor spaces as thinking areas, play areas and work areas will help gives those spaces a quality and identity of their own.

The simple tactic of the outside coming into the house is overdone and quite boring. Although it has merit, this tactic has become the default position of many a designer. It’s much more interesting to think about the threshold between in and out and what that threshold contributes to the project.


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