Florence Street

Emilio (the founder of Nest) and his squeeze Anna bought someone’s backyard that had been subdivided. The block they bought is about 180 square metres in size, about 15 m x 12m. Although it’s small by some standards, it’s perfect for them. It faces north, has a laneway along the northern boundary full of secret delicacies and the odd noxious weed, close to the best Lebanese food in town and surrounded by fruit trees.
The house they designed is a simple 80 square metre ‘beach shack’ in the suburbs. They tried to make it as eco as possible with a green roof full of succulents and herbs, recycled bricks, FSC timber throughout, double glazed windows, recycled taps and basins, north facing glazing, cross ventilation and thermal mass.
Emilio Fuscaldo & Anna Krien
Emilio Fuscaldo, Imogen Pullar
Contour Projects
Nic Granleese & Hilary Walker
'The genius of this project is its roof system - a garden. In many ways the old back garden is still there, the original site now shared with another family.'
Stuart Harrison