Northcote House

The clients approached this inner city new build tentatively, not wanting to detract from the charming Californian bungalow character of their street-scape with yet another cold two-storey glassy timber box.

The home reflects the personalities and aspirations of their relaxed family life, where the form attempts to bridge ‘palm springs / minimal’ and ‘cottage Californian bungalow’ / Queenslander styles. The materials are unpretentious, robust and designed to age well and with charm.

Key to this home is an intricate floorplan premised on familial relationships. Husband to wife, parents to children, siblings to one another and the family to their community and neighbours.

Jacqueline O'Brien, Emilio Fuscaldo, James Flaherty
TCM Building Group
Phillip Withers Landscape Design
Tom Blachford
A parent can keep a sly eye from the kitchen on the youngest and his kinder friends on the shady front porch, whilst the older boys run along the side deck between the backyard pool and kick the footy on the street.
The home is rambling and friendly, and visitors are encouraged to enter via the back door where they bypass messy bedrooms, remnants of yesterday's homework sprawled on the breakfast nook and an 'untidy' kitchen.